A Secret Garden

4-6 year olds | half hour

A great springtime craft to make mummy for Mother’s Day! Also wonderful to give to a teacher or display in your room on a windowsill. This garden never needs watering and looks pretty all year round.

What You'll Need

  • baby food jar with lid
  • small silk flowers (some craft stores will give the little ones from larger bouquets away)
  • rolling pin
  • glue
  • green play dough


1. Make your own play dough (see our recipe) or use store bought.
2. With a rolling pin, roll out the green play dough until it’s only a centimetre or two thick.
3. Use the mouth of the jar (not the top) as a cookie cutter. Cut out a circle in the dough.
4. Glue the play dough circle into the lid. A hot glue gun works best.
5. Arrange your little flowers inside the lid, sticking the stems into the clay. Don’t put too many in and make sure they fit inside the lid.
6. Set lid aside to dry and harden overnight.
7. When the play dough and glue has dried put the flowers into place, carefully screw the lid on the glass baby food jar.
8. Be sure all the flowers fit inside the jar.
9. Decorate the lid or the bottom of the jar. Stickers are great. A ribbon glued or tied around the lid also adds flair to the little garden.

Tags: model making, gifts

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