All Around the Neighbourhood - Free idea sheet for a fun kids game

4-6 year olds | half hour

This twist on the classic ‘musical chairs’ is fast-paced, fun, and keeps your kids and their friends on the edge of their seats (literally).

What You'll Need

  • chairs (one less than the amount of players)


  1. Put all the chairs in a circle and have every player take a seat. The extra player (player 1) stands in the middle
  2. Player 1 picks a person sitting on a chair. Player 1 asks, “Do you love your neighbour?”
  3. If the player in the chair says ‘yes’, the two people on either side have to switch seats. Player 1 tries to steal one of their seats.
  4. The player in the chair could also say ‘no’. If they do, they must add, ‘I love only…(people wearing blue, people with shorts, people with glasses, etc). The people with these things must then change chairs with each other.
  5. The person left without a chair is out. When someone goes out, a chair is removed. The last person in wins.

Tags: games, parties

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