Big Brown Hat

4-6 year olds | half hour

In this short activity, help your kids make a big brown ‘top hat’. They look even classier if the kids personalise it themselves! This is an easy craft that is great for parties.

What You'll Need

  • large paper bag
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • glue or tape
  • crayons
  • markers
  • bits of ribbon, sequins, string, feathers, glitter or old magazines


1. Cut or turn paper bag inside out so the plain sides are facing up.
2. Help your child draw a domed oval shape on two sides of the bag (see photo). Make sure the shapes are the same size.
3. Cut out the two shapes.
4. Staple the edges of each together, making a hat.
5. Place on child’s head. Adjust staples to make sure the hat fits.
6. Place hat on table top. Decorate with crayon, marker, glitter, etc.
7. Use glue and bits of ribbon or fabric to add more pizzazz to your hat.
8. Wear it!

Helpful Tips:

- Cover your working space with newspaper before you begin, as glitter and other decorations can be very messy.
- If your child is closer to five or six, give them some old magazines with characters they like. Show them how to cut around the edges of these figures and tape them onto their hats.
- To get more creative, try stapling streamers to the peak of the hat. This is especially festive for birthday parties!

Tags: paper craft, parties

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