Book Safe

11-14 year olds | two hours

A book safe is a great way to hide jewellery and other valuable items or precious keepsakes, especially if you’ve got to bring them to school. Keep this hand-made book safe on the top shelf of your locker or in your room.

What You'll Need

  • hard-covered book at least 4 cm thick
  • craft knife
  • felt
  • ribbon
  • glue
  • ruler
  • pencil


1. Open the hardcover book about ten or twenty pages in. Use an elastic band to attched these first few pages to the front cover, keeping them out of the way.

2. Using a ruler and pencil, make a rectangle on the next page, leaving about a 1.5 cm margin between the rectangle and the outside edge of the book.

3. Starting from the last page, glue down every page of the book up to the page with the rectangle in it. Be sure to keep the pages flat as you glue. Only glue the corners of the pages as you will be later cutting out the middle of the book.

4. Stop when you get to the page with the rectangle traced on it. Glue that page down too.

5. Let the book dry. Put larger books on top of it when drying to keep the pages from wrinkling or bunching.

6. Return to the book once dried. Turn to the page with the rectangle on it. Cut out the rectangle with a craft knife, but don’t cut down all the way. Leave a few pages at the bottom to be sure the back cover isn’t cut through.

7. Line the sides and bottom of the rectangle space with felt. Glue.

8. Add a ribbon on either edge of the book to tie and keep the book closed.

Tags: paper craft, model making

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