Castles and Cannonballs - idea sheet for a great family game

4-6 year olds | two hours

Keep you kids entertained for hours with this game that sharpens their creativity, speed, and coordination.

What You'll Need

  • light, stackable containers
  • 5 pairs rolled up socks per player
  • rope, chalk or hula hoop


1. Take a look through the recycling bin or in the rubbish to find a bunch of light, stackable containers. Cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, shoe boxes, and Dixie cups all work well.
2. Divide the materials evenly between the players.
3. Each player creates a circle boundary (rope, chalk or hula hoop). Make the circles larger and closer together for little ones and smaller and farther apart for older children.
4. Give the players time to build their castles. Also give them each 5 soft ‘cannonballs’.

1. On ‘go’, the players have 2 minutes to knock down each others’ castles.
2. They cannot move outside their circle.
3. They can defend their towers by blocking the cannonballs.
4. If a stray cannonball lands in their circle, they may use it.
5. If a player runs out of cannonballs, he or she can leave the circle to get more.
6. If their tower falls, they can rebuild it under fire!
7. At the end of 2 minutes, the player with the tallest tower wins!

Rounds: best of 5.

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