Conch Shell Trumpet

11-14 year olds | two hours

Ever read William Golding’s "Lord of the Flies"? Want to make a shell trumpet for yourself? This activity is simple, but requires plenty of time and elbow grease to get your trumpet.

What You'll Need

  • large conch shell
  • saw
  • file
  • nail


  1. Take the shell outside and saw off about 2.5 cm of the tip of the conch shell (adult supervision required). If you tire of sawing, use a large file to chip off the tip.
  2. Once the tip is gone, you will see a spiral shaped centre exposed. Chip about 1 cm of this off with a nail.
  3. File this down until smooth. This will be the mouthpiece, so make sure it has no sharp edges.
  4. Like playing a trumpet, curl your lips on the mouthpiece and make a vibrating motion, blowing to create a horn sound. Get another schoolchild who plays trumpet or saxophone to help you if you are unfamiliar.
  5. The larger the shell, the deeper the sound. Have fun with your new musical instrument!

Tags: music

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