Defying gravity (with fork and spoon)

4-6 year olds | half hour

Half way in between a magic trick and a science experiment, demonstrating this will fill your audience with wonder.

What You'll Need

  • Glass with a wide top opening
  • A fork and a spoon
  • Tooth pick or cocktail stick (or barbeque skewer shortened)


  1. Take your fork and spoon and interweave the prong and spoon. This may be difficult at first, but eventually they will stick together.
  2. Find the centre of gravity by balancing the cutlery on a finger and seeing where this middle is.
  3. Push your toothpick into this centre in between the fork’s prongs. You may have to force it in, but push it so that it is as far in as it will go.
  4. Take your glass and try to balance this toothpick on the rim. This may take a few tries, but eventually you will find where it sits.

Tags: science, magic

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