Discover Your Inner Photographer

11-14 year olds | two hours

Does your child hate getting their picture taken? Are they constantly asking to use your camera on a holiday or day trip? Maybe they’d rather be the photographer than the subject!

What You'll Need

  • camera
  • subject matter - think of a theme
  • colour printer and photo-paper


Summer is a great time to get your child interested in art and photography - the lighting is superb, kids have more holiday time, and flowers and foliage are in bloom. All it takes is one of your old cameras and a little inspiration, and you might just have an artist on your hands!

Here are some great tips for releasing that inner photographer.

1. Suggest a subject
Whether you’re at the zoo, in your garden, at a family reunion, or simply taking a walk around the neighbourhood, give your child an idea of what to shoot. Photography can be overwhelming at first with so many ideas, but work together to narrow it down. Their first subject could be as simple as ‘trees in our neighbourhood’ or ‘children playing in the park’.  

2. Display it
Once your child finishes a series of photos they like, look at the series together and then display it. Hang the photos on your fridge, buy a photo album and show it off to friends and relatives. You could also host a little ‘gallery’ at home, and invite friends and neighbours to have a look! Show your child that you are proud of them. Encouragement goes a long way.

3. Pick a Partner
It’s great for children to go out shooting together - with siblings, school friends, or even with you. Shooting together makes for a great excuse to hang out as a family. It also is great to see how everyone sees a subject or setting in a different light. Compare your photos after your trips and learn more about photography in the process.

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