Fabric Covered Journal

11-14 year olds | half hour

Keeping a journal is a personal activity and is a great way for older children and adults to organize their thoughts, plan, express their emotions, and brainstorm. Why not give such a personal book an appropriately unique and expressive cover? With this craft, your older child can make their journal exactly how they want it to look, letting their creativity shine through.

What You'll Need

  • notebook
  • two different patterns of coloured fabric
  • pencil
  • glue
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • 2 pieces cardboard


1. Open the notebook and lay it flat over the piece of fabric you want to show on the outside.

2. With a ruler, trace around the edge of the notebook, leaving about a 5 cm margin. Remove the notebook.

3. Cut the fabric along the lines you traced.

4. Place the notebook on the cut fabric, keeping margins even. Apply glue liberally to the overlapping edges of fabric.

5. Fold them onto the inside of the front cover. Cut a slit in the fabric where the spine lines up. Now repeat the glue and folding with the back cover.

6. Cut two pieces of cardboard. They should be approximately 2 cm smaller than the front and back covers.

7. Cut two pieces of the other fabric 5 cm larger than the cardboard cut outs.

8. Glue the fabric to the cardboard and fold like earlier.

9. Put a lot of glue on the backside of each cardboard fabric piece. Press these onto the insides of each cover, giving the journal a finished look.

10. Decorate the front of the journal with cut-out fabric letters or shapes (or leave it plain).

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