Family Tree

7-10 year olds | one hour

This craft is a great opportunity to share memories with your children from your childhood, learn more about family history and do a little bit of maths.

What You'll Need

  • brown pipe cleaners
  • clay
  • jar
  • green construction paper
  • markers
  • hole punch


1. Place a hunk of clay at the bottom of a glass jar.
2. Wind two or three pipe cleaners together, forming a study trunk. Make branches off of this trunk, starting with two and multiplying exponentially each time (two, four, sixteen, etc).
3. Once you have a large tree, stick the trunk firmly into the clay. The branches should extend out of the jar. Bend around the outside of the jar until the tree is stable.
4. Cut out leaf shapes from green construction paper.
5. Write the names of relatives on the leafs as well as their relationship to you.
6. Hole punch one hole in each leaf.
7. Thread each leaf onto a different branch of the tree. Older relatives go towards the bottom and the youngest are at the top.
8. Admire the family tree and talk about the memories associated with all the relatives. Display.

Tags: model making, paper craft

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