Finnish Flower Crown

11-14 year olds | half hour

Celebrate mid-summer or any other day of the season with this simple-weave flower crown. A great way to teach your older children the basics of weaving.

What You'll Need

  • harvest flowers with long stems (dandelions, daisies, etc)
  • knife


1. Cut a slit, about five centimetres long, in each flower stem, about four centimetres from the blossom.
2. Place the first flower on the tabletop.
3. Slip the second flower’s stem in the first flower’s slit stem. Pull until the two flower blossoms are close together.
4. Repeat this step for all the flowers, making a chain.
5. To form a crown twist and tie both stem ends together.
6. Wear and enjoy.

Tags: fabrics

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