Flip Book

11-14 year olds | one hour

Love the original Disney and Pixar films? Want to learn how the real animators create motion pictures? Try out your flip book skills with this craft.

What You'll Need

  • index cards
  • pen
  • pencil
  • stapler


  1. Start with an idea. What do you want your animation to be? The animation could be as simple as a stick figure walking and bending down to pick a flower. Usually it’s easier to start out black and white, with just a pen or pencil. Colouring takes a long time, but you can add it later.
  2. Draw your first ‘frame’ in pencil. You can go over all your sketches in pen later on, after you make sure your flip book works.
  3. Draw your next frame. Each movement should be a centimetre or less apart. After 10 or 15 frames, flip through to see how your animation is progressing. If it’s jumpy add sketches in between.
  4. Continue for at least 30 cards.
  5. When your animation is finished, outline in pen or colour.
  6. Staple the book together and flip for your friends and family.

Tags: paper craft, gifts

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