Flower Prints

7-10 year olds | half hour

Use petals you find in the back garden to create lasting impressions.

What You'll Need

  • flower petals
  • wood cutting board
  • unlined index cards
  • hammer
  • paper towels


1. Near your house, gather a bunch of flower petals. Encourage your child to find different kinds of flower petals to see which work best in this art project.

2. On a wooden cutting board, place paper towels and an index card on top of those. Put a petal on the index card.

3. Cover the petal with another index card. Show your child how to gently tap the cards with a hammer (parental supervision required).

4. Remove the card and see if the petal made a print. If the petal has smashed, gently remove it.

5. Try more petals of different varieties. Encourage your child to see which have the strongest prints and what different colours they produce. Make patterns and designs with your prints.

6. Use coloured pencils to add detail to the prints.

Tags: paper craft

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