Flying Bumble Bees

4-6 year olds | half hour

Make sweet little bumble bees to hang up in the wind and watch them fly around. Use this craft idea to help teach your kids about bees and their busy lives.

What You'll Need

  • yellow and black cardboard
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • pipe cleaner
  • black marker
  • googly eyes
  • glitter
  • glue


  1. Have fun coloring the yellow cardboard. If you want you can add some glitter (apply some PVA glue first to make it stick) to make the bee sparkle in the light.
  2. Fold the paper in half so that it's coloured on the front and back.
  3. Cut out the shape of a bee.
  4. Use the black cardboard to cut out  a triangle, which will be the bee's sting.
  5. Create the wings from a rectangle of black cardboard folded into a fan.
  6. Place the bee sting on the back of the bee and glue together the yellow paper.
  7. Make a slit into the back of the bee and thread through the fan-folded wings.
  8. Draw a face. Fun tip: Use some googly eyes.
  9. Antenna's are really important for bees, as they smell and feel with them. Our bee's going to get an antenna made of pipe cleaner. Therefore you need to poke a hole into the bee's head and thread through the pipe cleaner.
  10. As a last step you'll have to poke another hole into the back of the bee, thread the ribbon through and hang it up.
  11. Watch your bee flying around in the wind.


Tags: paper craft, model making, outdoors

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