Guess Who - Party game idea sheet for a classic children’s game.

11-14 year olds | half hour

An old favourite for groups, this game can be tailored to the celebrities or well-known historical figures of any age group. Let your kids use their critical thinking skills in this game of ‘Guess Who’.

What You'll Need

  • sticky notes
  • pencil


1. Have every player write the name of a famous person (celebrity, historical figure, sports figure, performer, literary character, etc.) on a sticky note. Don’t show your note to anyone else!

2. Put all the sticky notes in a pile in the centre of the group, face-side down. Shuffle around.

3. Have each player pick up a sticky note (without looking) and stick it on his or her forehead.

4. Now start talking to everyone else. The goal is to guess who you are, so ask and answer lots of questions. But remember, don’t answer anything but a yes-or-no question.

5. The first person to guess who they are wins.

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