Handprint Heart Valentines

4-6 year olds | half hour

Little children can lend more than a helping hand with this Valentine. Give them some paint and a little direction, and they can do the rest…

What You'll Need

  • cardstock
  • markers
  • paints


1. Cover your work area with newsprint—paints can be messy!
2. Fold rectangular pieces of cardstock width-wise to make a simple fold card.
3. Pour red, pink, or purple paint onto a paper plate or other covered surface.
4. Encourage your child to press both hands fully into the paint. Make sure hands are well-coated.
5. With thumbs slightly bent and index fingers pointed down and touching, press painted hands onto paper, forming a handprint heart!
6. Wash your hands after stamping all the cards.
7. To add shine and sparkle, sprinkle glitter on the painted part of the card.
8. With a marker, draw a heart or write a Valentine’s day saying something like ‘Be Mine’ or ‘I Love You’ inside of the hand-printed heart.
9. Alternatively, paste a picture inside of the heart.
10. Personalize the inside of the card and give to someone you love.

Tags: paper craft, paints, gifts

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