Handprint Sunflowers

4-6 year olds | one hour

This simple craft will bring summer into your home no matter what the season. Make as many as you want and watch your windows bloom into sunflower fields!

What You'll Need

  • brown paper bags or construction paper
  • yellow paint
  • black tissue paper
  • paper plate
  • glue
  • stapler
  • scissors


1. If using a brown paper bag, cut sections until it lays flat. If using construction paper, lay flat.
2. Pour yellow paint onto paper plate or other flat surface. Have your child coat their palms and fingers with paint (do this outside or on a surface lined with newsprint for minimal mess).
3. Print hands on paper. One hand can do two or three prints before it needs another coat of paint.
4. Make between fifteen and twenty handprints for one sunflower.
5. After the handprints are made and dried (they dry quickly), help your little one cut them out. Don’t fret, the hand prints do not have to be perfectly cut out.
6. Staple all the handprints on top of the paper plate, making sure they are evenly distributed and the bases of the hands are towards the middle of the plate, with the fingers spilling over the rim.
7. Fold or gently scrunch some of the fingers to curve them like petals.
8. Rip off strips of black tissue paper. Have your little one ball them up and then glue them into the centre of the paper plate, forming the seeds of the flower. Continue until centre is covered and no white paper plate is showing.
9. Tape or hang around the house. Enjoy the blooms!

Tags: paper craft, paints, messy

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