Homemade Bubbles

4-6 year olds | two hours

Bubbles are great fun for children of all ages but are easy enough for even your youngest little ones to make and enjoy. These bubbles are fun for your kids and good for your wallet—just take a trip to your washing room and pick up a few utensils from the kitchen.

What You'll Need

  • 15 ml liquid washing detergent
  • 225 ml water
  • bucket
  • kitchen supplies to produce bubbles


  1. Mix fifteen parts water and one part liquid washing detergent into a bucket. If your children are only blowing bubbles for half an hour, 225 ml of water is plenty.
  2. Go on a ‘scavenger hunt’ with your children in the kitchen to find good bubble tools! Look for items with large holes, such as strainers, cookie cutters, funnels, slotted spoons and potato mashers, all of which will work well.
  3. Take the bubbles outside and have fun!

Fun Tips:

  • Flyswatters also work—they produce tiny bubbles but lots and lots of them!
  • Old wire hangers can be fashioned into bubble-blowing wands. (parental supervision required)
  • Smaller wands can be made out of straws or pipe cleaners. Make a double loop with several straws.
  • Foam destroys bubbles, so don’t splash the wand around in the water if you want larger bubbles.
  • Glycerin makes bubbles stronger. five or six drops will make your bubbles last longer.

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