Ice Cube Candle

7-10 year olds | two hours

Use ice cubes to make this basic candle into a work of art. Adult supervision is required for the candle-making.

What You'll Need

  • milk carton
  • scissors
  • paraffin candle wax
  • candle wick
  • ice cubes
  • food colouring


1. Cut the top off of the milk carton so that you have the bottom third to work with.
2. Pour the paraffin candle wax into a pot on the stove. On a low heat, stir until it is completely melted. The key is to slowly melt it so that the wax melts but doesn’t get too hot.
3. Place the ice cubes in a disorganized and random manner into your milk carton mould.
4. Insert a candle wick in the center. Don’t let the ice cubes touch the wick, so that wax can seal around the wick, ensuring a evenly-burning candle.
5. Pour the warm wax into the mould, over the ice cubes to about two centimetres before the edge of the milk carton.
6. Let the mould set so that the ice melts and the wax cools.
7. Slip the candle out of the mould. Trim off part of wick if it is excessively long. Place in candle holder or on ceramic plate, burn and enjoy!

Tags: model making, gifts

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