Learn to Sew with Tops

7-10 year olds | one hour

This parent-supervised craft teaches your child a lot—from how to sew to basic hammering. Great craft for boys and girls!

What You'll Need

  • nails that are thicker than a needle with a large, easy to hit head
  • a hammer
  • metal tops
  • large needle
  • string
  • a small scrap of wood
  • 2 2x4 pieces of wood


1. Place the 2x4 pieces parallel to each other with space in between.
2. Place the metal top on top of the 2x4 pieces, overlapping the gap.
3. With adult supervision (you should demonstrate first), hold a nail on the top.
4. Tap the nail. Demonstrate how to keep the hammer controlled and not pound the nail. The nail should be hammered so that goes between the 2x4s and punches a hole.
5. Make as many holes in the top as you need for a sewing pattern. Anywhere between four and twelve is usually a good amount. See illustration for ideas.
6. Once the tops are punched, turn the top over. Because of the rim, it probably will not lay flat on your 2x4 wood pieces. Instead, rest atop a small piece of wood, like a small dowel. Pound the holes until the edges are flattened and no longer sticking up sharp.
7. Sew the top with any design that fits the holes you punched.
8. Keep a hole open and string it through a longer piece of yarn to make a medallion, or keep it as a top and display.

Tags: model making

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