Lighted Lampshades

11-14 year olds | one hour

Use your potato stamps (from our other lesson) or store bought stamps in this craft to make innovative lampshades that light up your room.

What You'll Need

  • construction paper (darker colours provide most contrast)
  • white ink
  • stamps
  • push pin
  • craft foam
  • white lampshade
  • tape or glue


1. Cut a piece of construction paper to fit the white lampshade. Wrap around to make sure it fits. Keep the paper a bit longer so that you can glue or tape the overlapping edges together later.
2. With stamps and ink, imprint designs on your lampshade. Night sky themes (with stars, planes, and clouds on dark blue), firework themes (splashes of colour and stars on black), and garden themes (flowers, leaves, bugs on dark green) are all great ideas!
3. After your construction paper is printed, place it on top of a piece of craft foam. With the push pin, make holes around all the designs. The more holes, the better the final effect on the lampshade.
4. When finished, wrap the paper around the shade and tape or glue the overlapping edges. Turn on the light and see the design glimmer.

Tags: model making

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