Nature Walk Mobile

4-6 year olds | two hours

Get your toddler or young child out in the wild with this activity and craft! Spend a morning or afternoon exploring nature with your child, collecting mementos, and then displaying them creatively in your home. This activity sharpens your child’s observation skills, gets them active, helps them practice how to tie knots, and lets them have lots and lots of fun with their mummy or daddy.

What You'll Need

  • pinecones
  • feathers
  • berries
  • leaves (gingko, oak and maple all work well)
  • bit of wood
  • acorns
  • embroidery hoop
  • strong threading string
  • scissors
  • needle (parental supervision required)


1. Go on a nature walk with your child. Listen to the birds chirp, do a bit of ‘hiking’ and point out wildlife like squirrels. While on the walk, help your child collect some things to bring back home.
2. While everything is fun and exciting to bring back, smaller items work best for the mobile. Choose things like colourful berries, acorns, pinecones, feathers and differently-shaped leaves.
3. When you get home, lay out everything you both have collected on a table.
4. Cut threading string of different lengths. Five or six strings is a good amount.
5. Start attaching items to string. For berries, pierce a small hole with needle and thread through. For most other items, simply tie the string around the item or thread it through. Leave space between them and make the sure items are tied tight!
6. Once all strings are finished, tie each top to the embroidery hoop, spacing each string equidistant from the others to balance the hoop.
7. Tie four pieces of new string to four sides of the hoop. Join them in a big knot at the top. Now you can hang your mobile above a table, on the porch, or anywhere that needs decoration in your home.

Tags: model making, outdoors

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