Olympic Torch

4-6 year olds | half hour

Craft a realistic Olympic torch for your backyard games. This ceremonial torch is a great way to get kids excited about exercise and relay races.

What You'll Need

  • 1 square of tissue paper (red)
  • 1 square of tissue paper (orange)
  • 1 square of tissue paper (yellow)
  • 1 piece white construction paper
  • tape
  • glue


1. Wrap the construction paper into a thin cone shape. Tape edges to secure. Set aside.
2. Place the square of yellow paper on a flat surface. Put orange on top, and red on top of that. Pick up the stack in the centre and gather like a bouquet. Crinkle and shape to form a torch.
3. Dab glue on the inside of the top of the cone. Put the tissue paper flame inside and let dry.

Tags: paper craft, model making

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