Pencil Fort Cup

11-14 year olds | half hour

Keep your pencils organized in this easy-to-make twig pencil holder.

What You'll Need

  • tape
  • paper bag
  • clean, empty can
  • twigs
  • lollypop stick
  • scissors
  • paper
  • markers
  • glue
  • elastic bands
  • ruler


1. Cut the paper bag flat. Lay can down on top of paper bag.
2. Make tick marks on each side of the can to mark its width. Take a ruler and continue these marks into parallel lines from end to end of the bag.
3. Cut out this paper strip. Tape it around the outside of the can, making sure the edges are flush.
4. Collect about 25-30 twigs in the backyard. Break or cut twigs so that they each are the same height and are a bit taller than the can.
5. Make a flag of your design using markers, a popsicle stick, paper and glue. Tape the flag to the outside of the papered can.
6. Glue the twigs around the can, right next to each other without gaps. Loop rubber bands around the finished holder until the twigs have dried.
7. Add your pencils and display!

Tags: model making

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