Pinhole Camera

7-10 year olds | half hour

Understand the basics of photography and the way our eye sees with this craft. When our eyes see an object, the light rays are travelling through our pupil and lens and giving us an upside-down image on our retina. Our brain then steps in and flips the image so that we see right-side up. This pinhole camera produces an upside-down image because it works like our eyes, showing us what we see before our brain changes it.

What You'll Need

  • cardboard oatmeal canister or Pringles container
  • parchment paper or regular paper
  • elastic band
  • biro
  • black paper


1. Line the inside of your container with black paper.
2. Poke a hole in the bottom centre of your container with the pen.
3. Cut a piece of parchment paper that is larger than your container’s opening. Secure with an elastic band over the opening.
4. Take your pinhole camera into a dark room with a bright window. Point the bottom of the container out the window toward a well-lit subject such as a tree.
5. Look down at the parchment and see the object reflected upside-down.

Tags: science, model making

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