Plastic Straw Pan Flute

7-10 year olds | half hour

Make a workable instrument out of plastic straws. You can experiment with this project in many ways, changing the length, order and number of straws.

What You'll Need

  • plastic straws
  • tape
  • scissors


1. Cut straws down in size to look like steps. Each straw should get about 2-3 centimetres shorter than the last.
2. Cut as many as you like (we did ten).
3. Lay straws on a piece of tape with about a 1 centimetre margin between the tape and the straw top.
4. Wrap the tape around the front of the straw row to keep them together.
5. Play the flute. Want a different sound? Try other patterns, like the longest in the middle with shorter ones fanning out, two longer straws, etc.

Tags: music

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