Potato Stamps

11-14 year olds | half hour

Design and use your own stamps in this cutting craft.

What You'll Need

  • small fruit or paring knife (adult supervision required)
  • potatoes (one potato makes 2 stamps)
  • paint
  • pen
  • paper


1. Wash potatoes to remove all dirt.
2. Cut the potatoes in half. Be sure to make clean cuts, as any jagged or rough edges will be apparent in your stamping.
3. Trace the shape you’d like to have as your stamp into the flat insides of the potato. Remember that you will be cutting the outline and leaving this shape raised—so start simple and see where your cutting skills can take you.
4. Cut around the shape, leaving it raised. The cuts only need to be half a centimetre deep. Adult supervision is required.
5. Pour paint onto plate. Press potato into paint and stamp on paper. To change colour, rinse potato thoroughly and dry again.

Tags: paints, model making

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