Putting a Needle through a Balloon

7-10 year olds | half hour

Your kids can impress their friends by being the only one who can successfully push a long needle or a long stick through a balloon.

What You'll Need

  • Long, sharp needle (or other stick, but make sure it is sharp and straight)
  • Washing-up liquid or similar substance
  • Balloon


  1. Blow up the balloon to regular size and tie it.
  2. Put a little bit of washing-up liquid or other substance on your needle, just to lubricate it a little.
  3. Pick a section of the balloon (usually near the knot or at the very top) where the skin is visibly thicker (less transparent).
  4. Carefully push the sharp point of the needle into this bit of the balloon and push it all the way through to the other thicker point on the balloon’s skin. 

Tags: magic, science

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