Rain Stick

7-10 year olds | one hour

While rain sticks are traditionally made out of dried-out cactus plants, you can still make your own version at home to call the rain (or just to get kids curious about sounds and other senses).

What You'll Need

  • cardboard roll
  • masking tape
  • lentils or dry rice or popcorn kernels
  • glue
  • markers
  • nails
  • hammer


1. With a pencil, draw a spiral all the way down a cardboard tube, from top to bottom.
2. Drive small nails along the spiral, with 1 centimetre in between each nail. The nails should be about half a centimetre shorter than the diameter of the tube, so that they don’t poke through to the other side.
3. Glue a piece of cardboard over one end of the tube, to close it securely.
4. Pour lentils or dry rice into the tube.
5. Put your hand over the other end and turn upside down, to test the sound.
6. Add more or less rice/lentils to your liking.
7. Cover the other end with cardboard and glue.
8. Tape the entire outside of the tube and decorate with permanent markers if you like.
9. Call the rain! 

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