Recycled Windsock

7-10 year olds | half hour

This completely recycled craft can be a great way to educate your children about weather and wind. Plus, it’s fun to make and costs nothing at all!

What You'll Need

  • plastic 2-litre bottle
  • plastic bags (of different colours if possible)
  • stickers (optional)
  • scissors
  • hole puncher


1. Cut off the top of your two-litre bottle, between a quarter and a third of the way from the top.
2. With a hole puncher, punch between five and twelve holes in the bottom rim of the cut plastic bottle. Be careful of sharp edges (adult supervision required).
3. Also hole punch (or cut with scissors) two hole on either side of the bottle’s next, right below the cap line.
4. Take the plastic bags and with scissors, cut into strips. Knot and twist the strips until they are thin. Tie together to make strips of varying length.
5. Once strips are prepared, loop and tie to bottle via the hole punches. Leave one strip unused.
6. Use that last strip to thread into the two holes at the top of the bottle. Make a loop and tie it off.
7. Hang the windsock by the loop to a branch or front porch, where you can watch the wind blow it to and fro.

Tags: science, outdoors

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