Scrapbook Photo Cube

7-10 year olds | half hour

Instead of giving your family just another picture frame, make this a keepsake. It makes a great desk decoration, paperweight, or knick knack.

What You'll Need

  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • 6 photos
  • decoupage
  • a wooden block


1. Pick six photos that you want to showcase.
2. Cut each photo to a square, about 1 or 2 cm smaller than each side of the wooden block.
3. Decoupage each side of the wooden block with a photo. Let each side dry.
4. After the wooden block is dry and the photos are secure, cut out triangular photo corners, small flowers, hearts, or other shapes from the construction paper to embellish each side of the cube.
5. Decoupage these decorations atop the photographs. Be sure to use a light layering of decoupage for this step, so there are no clumps covering the photos.
6. Let these dry and then display.

Tags: decoupage, gifts

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