Stained Glass Candle Holder

11-14 year olds | one hour

Customize a simple candle holder to give it that colourful, frosty glow. Great for centrepieces or to keep in your room.

What You'll Need

  • tissue paper
  • glass candle holder
  • decoupage
  • scissors
  • a hole punch (optional)


1. Decide if you want to use scraps of paper, make your own shapes, or use a paper punch for the tissue paper. A hole punch is recommended, but not required.
2. Cut out or punch out all your tissue paper shapes. You can try white and one another colour or go multicoloured - both work great!
3. Thin out the decoupage a bit with water.
4. Brush one side of the candle holder with decoupage.
5. Place tissue paper shapes on top of the decoupage-layered side. Then add another layer of decoupage on to. Brush gently, as tissue paper is thin.
6. Repeat this for every side. Let dry.

Tags: decoupage, gifts

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