Stained Glass Tissue

7-10 year olds | one hour

Create colourful masterpieces with this high-contrast craft. Make it on a sunny day and watch the sun shine through your artwork!

What You'll Need

  • tissue paper (various colours)
  • contact paper
  • black construction paper


1. Cut out your design from construction paper. It could be a shape you want to fill in or an outline that you want to surround with colour. Simple shapes are good for youngsters to make. You can also get more complicated and draw fancy shapes or use colouring pages to trace favourite characters.
2. Take the contact paper and peel off the coating. Face the paper sticky-side up on a table, making sure to curl under the corners to temporarily adhere to your working surface.
3. Stick your construction paper outline onto the paper.
4. Wrinkle, crumple, or layer different colours of tissue paper. The imperfections look beautiful in this craft. Lay them on top of the construction paper and contact sheet.
5. Sandwich with another sheet of contact paper, sticky-side down. Careful when putting this piece on, smooth it down.
6. Take your ‘stained glass’ sheet and tape it to a window. Alternately, hole punch the sheet and string it to a window.

Tags: paper craft, decoupage

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