Straw Flowers

11-14 year olds | half hour

Practice folding skills in this inventive floral craft.

What You'll Need

  • plastic straws (of different colours)
  • toothpicks
  • bamboo sticks
  • string
  • scissors


1. With a scissor blade, press down on a plastic straw. Twist it in half so the straw makes a triangle, with the upper point flattened.
2. Make sure that your triangle, when facing you and pointing up, has the lead end of the straw on the right (see illustration).
3. Take the second end and fold it over the lead (counter-clockwise). Do the same with the lead end over the second end. Continue to repeat, moving in a circular motion until there are six petals.
4. On the sixth petal, when the circle is completed, slide the end underneath the flower blossom. Continue, making more circles and sliding their six petal ends underneath the larger and larger blossom.
5. When you get to the end of the straw, snip off the extra.
6. Repeat this for as many flowers as you want. Try different colours!
7. String on a thread to make a necklace or bracelet. Stack on bamboo to make long flowers for a vase. Stick on toothpicks to make smaller, stouter bouquets.

Tags: paper craft, parties, gifts

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