T-Shirt Ties

11-14 year olds | one hour

With a fabric scrap and creativity, make a jazzy Father’s Day present this year.

What You'll Need

  • fusible web sheet (found in craft stores)
  • pencil
  • fabric
  • t-shirt
  • an iron
  • scissors


1. Draw a tie shape onto the paper side of the fusible web sheet. If you’re not sure how big the shape should be, take a real tie and trace it.
2. Trim around this outline, leaving about a two-centimetre border around the outline.
3. Pick out fabric that suits dad. What are his hobbies? Fishing polls, golf balls, garden vegetables, tartan and sports equipment are all good patterns.
4. Guided by the instructions that came with your fusible web sheet, iron the fabric to the fusible web sheet that you cut out.
5. After the fabric has cooled on the shape, trim the fabric to match the line you originally drew.
6. Now, get the t-shirt out that you will be using. Guided by the instructions that came with the fusible web sheet, peel off the paper backing and iron the fabric tie onto to a t-shirt, positioning it so the tie is near the neckline.
7. Let it cool. Give it to dad then or personalise it further with fabric markers or puff paints.

Tags: fabrics, gifts, fathers day

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