The Magnetic Alphabet

11-14 year olds | one hour

Make fun magnets to spell out clever sentences and sayings. This is a chance for your older child to showcase their creativity and their wit on the fridge.

What You'll Need

  • magnet sheets
  • colourful magazine scraps
  • fabric scraps
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue
  • craft knife


1. Glue fabric scraps and magazine scraps of your choice to the magnet surface. Get creative—different patterns, textures, logos and colours will look great. Let these dry.

2. Once the fabric and magazine-covered magnet sheets are dry, trace out letters onto the material. Make lots of vowels if you want to spell out sentences.

3. Cut out the letter shapes with scissors. Trim with craft knife if necessary. Stick them on the fridge and spell something out.

Tags: games, paper craft, gifts

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