Thread Letters

11-14 year olds | one hour

This boy-friendly decorating project mixes design with construction to create original wall art.

What You'll Need

  • paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • nails
  • thread
  • wooden board
  • hammer


1. Draw block letters on a piece of paper and cut them out. These could be the letters that make up your name, a favourite saying, superhero name or anything else.
2. Place these letters on a wooden board in the order you’d like them to appear.
3. For each letter, hammer a nail into each corner or angle. Then, hammer more nails in between, always at evenly spaced intervals. You should have approximately eighteen or more nails per letter.
4. Once all the letters are nailed, tear out the paper to just leave the nail outlines.
5. Using coloured string, start with the first letter and wrap string around a nail once or twice. Carry the string taut to the next nail on the online, wrap and continue until you have formed a string outline for every letter.
6. Now, start ziz-zagging the string inside of each letter’s outline. Switch it up, wrapping string to any nail and at every angle. Be sure not to go outside the outline, though.
7. Wind the string around the nail heads on every letter until the project is finished.

Tags: fabrics, model making

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