Twister in a Bottle

7-10 year olds | one hour

See how a tornado works up close with this craft. All items used in this project can be found around the house.

What You'll Need

  • water
  • two 2-litre plastic bottles
  • masking tape
  • washer
  • glitter
  • food colouring


1. Take the tops off of both bottles. Recycle these.
2. Fill one of the bottles three quarters of the way up with water. Add glitter and food colouring.
3. Place a washer on top of the opening of the full bottle.
4. Take the empty bottle and put it on top of the full bottle, with the open tops lined up to each other.
5. Tape securely with layers of duct tape. The bottle tops should be adhered together securely so they don’t leak.
6. Turn the device over so the full bottle is on top. Twist as the water pours down into the second bottle. Watch the water swirl and the funnel form.

Tags: science

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