Warhol Apple Totes

11-14 year olds | half hour

Make delicious-looking book bag totes by using apples as stamps! A fashionable look for back-to-school and also a great gift for teacher or mum.

What You'll Need

  • apples
  • paintbrush
  • 3 or 4 different colours of paint
  • beige or white canvas tote
  • fruit or paring knife (adult supervision required!)


1. Cut an apple in half (lengthwise, top-to-bottom).
2. Make sure your cut is smooth. Jagged edges will become apparent when you start stamping.
3. With a paint brush, coat apple evenly.
4. Stamp the canvas surface with the apple.
5. To make a different colour print, rinse the apple, dry, and stamp again.

Tags: paints, fabrics, gifts

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