Wooden Snowflakes

4-6 year olds | two hours

Bring some nature into your home with these snowflake decorations. They complement the regular paper snowflakes brilliantly, so hang some of both near a window.

What You'll Need

  • twigs
  • wood glue
  • string
  • glitter


1. Find some twigs in the yard. You’ll need at least nine per snowflake.
2. Break three of the twigs into ten-centimetre pieces. Break the remaining six into six-centimetre pieces.
3. Cross two long sticks to make an ‘x’. Glue at the intersection. Leave to dry.
4. Cross another long stick down the middle of the ‘x’. Flip snowflake over so this third stick is at the bottom. Let dry.
5. Bend the other 6 sticks into ‘v’ shapes and place a bit before the end of each stick. Glue (see illustration).
6. Wrap string around the intersection or on other parts of the twigs for decoration and to secure the snowflake (optional).
7. Add glitter (optional).
8. Tie a long piece of string to one of the large twigs and hang.

Tags: model making

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