Wooden Tops - free idea sheet for homemade toy

4-6 year olds | two hours

This classic toy is simple to make and is a great craft for a party setting or on a rainy day at home.

What You'll Need

  • wooden dowels
  • small wooden wheels
  • paint
  • pencil sharpener
  • sandpaper


1. Make sure to buy dowels whose ends fit tightly into the wheel holes.
2. A parent should cut the dowels into 7.5 centimetre pieces.
3. Mix paint with water and stain the wheels any colour you would like.
4. Let the wheels dry. While drying, sharpen one end of a dowel in the pencil sharpener.
5. Sand the really sharp edges down with sandpaper until the dowel tapers to a rounded point.
6. Lightly hammer the sharpened side of the dowel through the wheel until the sharpened side is pointing out of the dowel.
7. Spin.

Tags: games, paints

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