Make your own Xylophone Glasses

4-6 year olds | half hour

Learn how sound travels through water and air in this science experiment turned musical instrument. It will get your little ones thinking, plus it’s the cheapest xylophone you’ll ever play!

What You'll Need

  • drinking glasses
  • water
  • wooden spoon


  1. Look through the cupboards with your children and find 3-6 glasses of varying sizes. Some can be the same size, but try to mix it up!
  2. Fill each glass up with a different amount of water, starting from about 1/6th full and ending with nearly full.
  3. Tap each glass with the wooden spoon. How does the sound change based on the size of the glass and the amount of water in it? Try arranging the glasses in a row or in a different order. Make up your own beats and songs.

Tags: music, science

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